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Nader Kash International is a New York City based diamond house offering GIA certified loose diamonds with only the most exceptional makes. Our diamonds are impeccably sourced with stringent standards of verifiable origin. Our diamonds are never selected based solely on a lab report, rather we inspect each stone in accordance with our own strict quality requirements, ultimately choosing our diamonds based on their unique personality, beauty and brilliance. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

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Our Shapes


At Nader Kash International cushions are our passion.  Specializing in cushion modified, Old-Mine, and exceptional cushion brilliant diamonds with attractive proportions, we pride ourselves in both our variety and quality.  We source our uniquely beautiful makes from the finest cutters in the industry.  These artisans are able to optimize brilliance and reduce windowing while preserving the romantic shape that is the hallmark of this style.


A Nader Kash International round diamond displays all of the life and scintillation associated with an exquisite round.  We strive to source the finest triple EX diamonds that often display hearts and arrows.  Additionally, we search for strategically placed inclusions in VS-SI qualities, offering exceptional value to our customers.

Asscher and Emerald
Our graceful and stunning step cuts have a life of their own. Special attention is always paid to both clarity and proportion when selecting these items. Here, we focus on the placement of inclusions to maximize the clarity of even lower grade stones. We also source diamonds with ideal ratios, crown angles, corners, and 4 steps to the keel. The combination of these factors ensures that the diamond retains its vibrancy and never looks glassy or dull.

In acquiring radiant diamonds Nader Kash takes care to examine fine details like absence of bow-ties and even faceting to secure the finest cuts available.  Additionally, we are skilled in selecting stones that spread above the indicated carat size.  In doing this, we are able to maximize value and pass those savings to our customers. 


At Nader Kash International we source our princess cut diamonds from only the most skilled cutters, thus insuring optimal depth and table percentages and perfectly square diamonds that set the standard for this category.


Well cut pear shape diamonds are such a rarity in the industry.  As with our cushions, we offer a variety of styles.  Rather classic “teardrop” or elongated, we painstakingly inspect the overall shape for symmetry and proportion.  With each stone, we take care to select diamonds with ideal facet placement and little to no bow-tie effect.


At Nader Kash International we aim to select symmetrical oval diamonds with proper portions.  Our ovals are never heavy or “built-up.”  Emphasis is placed on diamonds with little to no bow-tie and graceful, even outlines.

Halo Collection and Halo Select
An exceptional array of round and fancy shape diamonds in exquisite halo settings. Sparkling halos of delicate diamonds accentuate each unique center stone. Each piece is finely crafted in 18K white, rose, or yellow gold. Delicate Italian chains showcase sliding pendants. For earrings, elegant martini baskets ensure that our pieces fit close and comfortably on the ear. View our Halo Collection Catalog.

Nader Kash International layouts make use of our exceptionally matched rounds and fancy shapes. We stock our fancy shape layouts in cushion brilliant, emerald, radiant, oval and asscher cuts from 1/5 to 4/4. Our layouts are perfect for eternity bands, tennis bracelets, and custom designs.

Matched Pairs

Nader Kash International offers a selection of matched pairs in all sizes. Our round, cushion brilliant, emerald, radiant, oval, and asscher cut matched pairs are perfect for use in studs and as side stones.

Sienna & Co.

Sienna & Co. is the marriage of diamond sourcing expertise and jewelry making know how. The partnership between two industry leaders, Nader Kash International and Kwiat, present a competitively priced jewelry line perfect to represent your house brand. Contact us today to view the collection of diamond studs, pendants, tennis bracelets, diamonds by the yard and luxury bridal sets.